Year-Long Apprenticeship Program

“Where your personal power and your life path come together.”

Apprenticeships are an individualized guided journey of inner discovery. In ancient times apprenticeships were life long journeys where the medicine was passed on from teacher to student to ensure the lineage, knowledge and ceremonies would be passed on and preserved. Today they have evolved to show the stepping stones of your journey until you become your own guide and have your own personal connection and communication to Spirit, life and nature.

The Apprenticeship is a year-long individualized journey of focusing on your life path and journey while embracing your gifts and removing your blocks and any karmic patterns that stop your connection to Spirit and Life. This is an excellent program for those who are dedicated to working one-on-one with a facilitator while engaging in ceremonial experiences, rituals and life assignments. All meetings are done online.

Is This your Quest?

Do you desire to focus more deeply on your life path?

Are you ready to delve into your journey and quicken your evolution and transformation?

Have you wondered what it would be like to have a guide to show you new stepping stones to deeper self-knowledge?

Can you imagine doing shamanic ceremony and taking the time for your personal growth and development?

Have you felt that you could have greater personal power and co-empowerment if you trusted more deeply in your journey and yourself. Are you ready to dive in and develop a deeper relationship to Spirit, self and nature?

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    The Institute of Shamanic Medicine


    Offered in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton