Medicine Journeys

Medicine Journeys

To Ancient Sites Of Power, Mysticism,
Magic and Spiritual Connection

A Medicine Journey is a spiritual journey designed to promote new awareness within, utilizing ancient power spots where magical practices and mysticism were considered a natural part of every day life.

Doing ceremony and ritual in these places, you have the opportunity to experience the timelessness of power spots and to meet your own inner mystery as well as the answers on your own journey.

Ancient Temples and stones hold memories of connection with the world of spirit within their very construction. These are the places where the ancient and modern worlds collide providing a gateway into the spiritual world.

Access Ancient Wisdom
Engage Magical Ceremonial Practices
Gain Cellular-Level Healing
Participate in Sacred Pilgrimage
Reset your Inner Vision
Experience Profound Transformation
Re-Dream Your Life
Encounter the Extra-Ordinary
Access Your Inner Alchemist
Engage with Plant JourneysHear the Ancestors

Enter the world of timelessness. Feel the ancient power beckon to your Spirit. Enter a dream world where those who have gone before speak to you through the ancient stones and temples that comprise the Sacred Spaces of Antiquity.

Medicine Journeys are encounters with the traditions of Ancient Shamanic knowledge. This knowledge still lives and breathes through the

Sacred Spaces and Ancient Sites.

The lineages of power live on.

Come and join us for an Unforgettable Journey!!!