Womb Coaching

Womb Coaching

Certification Program

Womb Coaching focuses on and assists in the healing of the sacred feminine container; healing the womb space of birthing and power. It could be healing from a difficult birth experience, a sexual or physical violation or just a deep desire to know the power of the feminine. Womb coaching gives you the knowledge, tools, techniques and resources to facilitate within yourself and within other women.

  • Assist other women in healing their womb space
  • Become a spiritual midwife
  • Learn the ancient power of birthing
  • Foster powerful feminine presence
  • Encourage the return feminine sovereignty
  • Re-imagine balanced feminine power and
  • empowerment
  • Discover the true heart power of the feminine

Join Us: February 2 to July 13, 2021


AND TWO SATURDAYS: 9am – 5pm (June 12 and July 10, 2021)

COST: $2,350 plus GST

REGISTER NOW: info@shamanicmedicine.ca or phone 1-877-329-8668

The Institute of Shamanic Medicine


The womb certification program is a 6-month online program with two evening classes per week and two full days (Saturday). There is a coaching component for those who do not have a coaching or therapy certification as an addendum to the program.