Year 3 – Shamanic Practitioner Program

Offered Online And Onsite

Advanced Shamanic Training *

Awaken and Actualize your medicine Giveaway

  • Learn and expand your medicine giveaway
  • Develop and expand your awareness
  • Recall other lifetimes of awakened memory
  • Accelerate your personal development
  • Assemble your lifetimes of power
  • Do Spirit readings
  • Increase your attraction and impact
  • Tap into the power of your dreamer
  • Enhance leadership skills
  • Do akashic record readings
  • Co-create with Spirit
  • Learn house domings and blessings

* Pre-requisite Training: Shamanic Power Initiations and Awakening the Inner Shaman Programs. This program is for Shamanic Coaches and Shamanic Students who desire to continue their shamanic training and knowledge.

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    The Institute of Shamanic Medicine


    Offered in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton

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