Body Power Program

16 one on one sessions

  • Restore and revitalize your energy
  • Experience greater body pleasure
  • Increase your sexual energy
  • Transform your emotional body
  • Develop a pleasurable lifestyle
  • Revitalize the organs and systems of your body
  • Increase your vibration
  • De-armour your body
  • Reduce your body stress
  • Reduce physical pain
  • Rebalance your energy meridians
  • Experience a full natural breathing rhythm

The Body Power Program combines intensive breath work, muscular stimulation and pleasure techniques to restructure the energy field of the body in all aspects while increasing the body’s vibratory rate.The increased life force vibration releases energetic holding patterns from past traumas and unconscious survival responses. Many of these old energetic holding patterns come from primal fight, fight, or freeze responses in childhood. This survival mechanism anesthetizes old emotional and psychological pain and holds it in the body. Over time it changes the natural breathing pattern as well as the physical structure of the body. The Body Power Program releases these old energetic holding patterns freeing the physical body from stored memories and pain tapes.

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    If you desire body freedom and body joy this program is for you!

    The Institute of Shamanic Medicine


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