Annual Ceremonial Weeklong

Let go of your ordinary reality! Let nature be your Guide!

Join us on a journey of self-discovery and transformation on beautiful Salt Spring Island

Do you feel the call of your spirit? Is it time to take a timeout from your everyday world?

• Engage in shamanic ceremonies that offer personal and spiritual transformation

• Allow the beauty and power of nature to heal your mind, body and spirit

• Connect with like-minded people

• Experience the heart opening power of drumming and singing

Can you imagine receiving a vision of what is possible? Can you let go of who you think you are and discover who are becoming?

• Transcend limiting patterns and beliefs

• Unplug and discover your true inner nature

• Awaken your spiritual warrior within

All adults are welcome to participate in our annual Summer Ceremonial Week-long on Salt Spring Island. No pre-requisite study of shamanism is necessary.

** Please be advised that the Institute of Shamanic Medicine does not utilize any plant medicines in any of its Ceremonial Week-longs.

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    Offered in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton