Welcome to the 2023 Mayan Oracle Reading

We hope you find it inspirational, healing and hopeful!

We hope you enjoy the reading:

ISM Program Offerings

4 Gateways of Shamanism

The Medicine Wheel: A Sacred Container for your Life

The Art of Dreaming

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Stalking the Dream

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Meet our Team

Gael Carter
Gael Carter
Co-Founder of ISM
Marilyn Keffer
Marilyn Keffer
Co-Founder ISM


The Shamanic Power Initiations Program was a chapter in an exciting and inspiring adventure on which I feel blessed & delighted to have embarked. It provided a medley of tools to assist on my life path.In understanding how to use these tools, healing & forgiveness can happen- thus allowing space for more joy & peace… Now, deeper connections with my environment flourish. It is a true gift on many levels!


What an amazing trip around the medicine wheel. This class put me on the journey to adding a new level of balance to my life. Each weekend presented me with the unique opportunity to view where I may be holding myself back. Through the use of shamanic tools I gained an awareness of how to release these patterns and bring more fluidity into my life.


What I certainly didn’t expect is that it would be such a grounding experience. After all, Shamanism is more viewed as losing your grounding, connecting with spirit and flying high… What a surprise! The training I did with Gael and Marilyn helped me to find more grounding, to reclaim my own voice, my own power and not through psychedelic drugs or other artifice, but through various practical ‘ceremonies’ and thanks to the support of fellow human beings trying to make sense of their life’s purpose. It has helped me to dare to listen to the voices that were silenced when I was young, and to start to really ‘live’ instead of being on the sidelines.


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