8-Day Intensive Toltec Life-Changing Recapitulation

Summer – Salt Spring Island, BC

  • Eliminate your repetitive memory strands
  • Reclaim your power and energy
  • Stop future predictive thinking
  • Learn the purpose of internal dialogue
  • Free your thinking processes of your brain
  • Free yourself from over-analyzing
  • Erase your personal history
  • Develop mindful discipline
  • Stop your ego mind
  • Reconcile your past
  • Transcend your ego
  • De-armour your mind


Recapitulation is the technique of careful examination of the past, reconciling the cause of internal dialogue and unhooking yourself from memory tapes thus freeing the mind from pre-thought thoughts. This process is known as de-armouring the mind.

Recapitulation combines the powerful techniques of breath, attention, awareness, and intent through ceremony. The outcome is erasing your Personal History and Future Predictive Behaviors. Personal power is realized through living in the “now” with full engagement and feeling.

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    If you desire mental freedom and mental power this program is for you!

    The Institute of Shamanic Medicine


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