Rae-ann’s shamanic journey began over a decade ago when a moment of Spirit-guided synchronicity led her to the Institute of Shamanic Medicine. Since then, she has been dedicated to her shamanic path and committed to her personal ceremonial work, which includes a daily practice of connecting to mind, body and Spirit. She is both a life-long student of shamanism and a powerful teacher.

Her passion for learning has earned her a degree in Psychology and she is also a master of Neuro Linguistic Programming and a Registered Hypnotherapist. Additionally, having completed three years of shamanic study through the Institute of Shamanic Medicine, she is certified as a Shamanic Coach and Practitioner. She also authored and published the book Live an Inspired Life by Using Your Subconscious Mind and she is currently completing a book entitled Loving After Intimate Betrayal: Your journey back to self-love.

In 2001, Rae-ann founded the company, Integrity Seminars, a personal development company that she operates in Edmonton. The company is grounded in a model of transformative learning, affording participants the opportunity for a fundamental shift. After 19 years, the company is still helping transform lives.

Currently Rae-ann also facilitates the Institute of Shamanic Medicine’s Shamanic Power Initiations six-weekend program in Edmonton, Alberta. Click here for more information.

Her passion for life, Spirit and all creatures on the planet stems from her inherent belief that we are infinitely capable of becoming a better version of ourselves and we are not meant to journey through life alone. Her work is founded on the principle that we have the capacity to grow spiritually while moving through this physical incarnation, and that each of us can walk in this lifetime with more grace and beauty than we could ever imagine.

Rae-ann Wood-Schatz, BA, RHT