Year 1 – Shamanic Power Initiations

Offered Online or Onsite

1-Year 6-Weekends

The Shamanic Power Initiations Program offers a year of discovery and self-awareness, journeying through your inner medicine wheel and showing you the way to your natural self, your original state of wholeness, and your interconnection with all of life. This 6-weekend experiential training allows you to discover the power of your inner world, the power of the spirit world, and the power of being in the “now”. The 5th World is the journey to the light, guided by Spirit and our luminous field/dream body. Your dream body becomes the guide of your journey while your physical body does the bidding of your dreamer, manifesting the dreams that you’ve always dreamed and seeding the ones you will be dreaming into this 5th world. The Shamanic Power Initiations throw the door wide open for you to become one of the dreamers who dream the future.

Shamanic Pathway Initiation

The Shamanic Pathway Initiation is the gateway to the spirit world. You will meet your spirit self and spirit helpers and learn how to journey between the worlds.

– Discover your medicine helpers

– What is your “Spirit Path” and how is Spirit guiding you

– Discover your innate gifts and abilities – Reconnect your spiritual power to your personal power

– Experience shamanic journeying and travel to non-ordinary realities

Heart of Power Initiation

The Heart of Power Initiation is the gateway to authenticity. This Initiation guides you in removing the illusionary self or “false self” that separates you from yourself, spirit, and others. The heart of power allows you to heal your “reactive past” and heal the hidden places of pain so you can be openhearted in a non-attached way. This is the shaman’s gift of pure heart.

– Journey to discover what needs to heal – Unleashing your heart power

– Heart Releasing – Meeting the strongest shamanic gift – your Pure Heart

Dream Body Initiation

The Dream Body Initiation is the gateway to total healing and longevity. Have you ever wanted to remove the invisible bonds that stop you from being you? The physical body is the doorway and vehicle of the dream body. You will discover and resolve whatever stands in the way of the full presence of your dream body in your everyday world. The freer your physical body feels, the more presence your dream body has in the everyday world.

– Learn Dream Breath Techniques – Discover the dream body self

– Increase your Dreamer recall – Begin to release the body armouring

– Remove blocks that stop your “shamanic spirit knowing”

Sacred Mind Initiation

The Sacred Mind Initiation is the gateway to Silent Knowledge. This initiation guides you to eliminate the ego mind or as shamans call it, “the mind that thinks it’s alive”. To know without knowing, to have trust that all answers are present, and that Spirit is everywhere is Sacred Mind.

– Access Sacred Mind states -Resolve the conflicted states that create ego mind

– Stop the brain drain – Discover true awareness

– Recover the “quiet” – Begin to de-armour the mind and reconcile the ego

Life Force Initiation

The Life Force Initiation is the gateway to the Luminous Body. The luminous body or luminous field, also known as the auric field, is the immortal spirit part of our existence and interacts with the energy of the universe. This field of luminous energy contains our personal matrix of all that we have been and of the journey we are currently walking. The luminous field acts as a filtering system of all energies that we interact with internally and externally. All external negative energies and internal negative energies eventually end up permeating the physical body and changing our light spirit energies to denser energies that cause sickness and disease as well as mental and emotional challenges. The Life Force Initiation restores your energy field and increases your body’s vibration.

– Cleanse your energy field – Increase your personal power

– Increase your body vibration – Become more luminous

– Be able to sense energy neutrally – Gain increased vibration, more attraction, and impact in the world

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