Year 2 – Awakening the Inner Shaman Program and optional Shamanic Coaching Certification Program

Offered Online or Onsite

  • Discover the 10 most important Shaman rituals
  • Experience your “Inner World Power”
  • Create your Shaman’s Bundle
  • Discover and Integrate who you have been
  • R emember your Inner Medicine Wheel of Power
  • Engage in Ancient Ceremony- Personal & Collective
  • Develop Heart Power
  • Know where Spirit is guiding you
  • Learn to utilize power within chaos
  • Become a luminous field of energy and light
  • Find your Animal Medicine Guides
  • Become an Energy Generator

* Prerequisite training – Shamanic Power Initiations Program. There is an optional Shamanic Coaching practicum for those who desire to become a Shamanic Coach during the Awakening the Shaman Within Program

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    The Institute of Shamanic Medicine
    1 877 329 8668

    Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Salt Spring Island