Gael Carter and Marilyn Keffer were inspired to co-create the Institute of Shamanic Medicine as a vehicle for empowering people to heal and transform through shamanic knowledge and experiential shamanic practices.

For anyone desiring to re-connect, re-balance, and heal, the Institute of Shamanic Medicine offers the tools to develop deeper levels of presence, awareness and interconnection with life. The Institute is founded upon the shamanic belief that the Earth and all life in the natural world are living and breathing entities that are interconnected and evolving – a way of perceiving life that is absolutely relevant for today’s world.

ISM offers a wide variety of shamanic programs, both in-person (in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton), and through an online platform available to participants anywhere in the world. The Institute’s foundational on-site program, Shamanic Power Initiations, is the pre-requisite for several advanced shamanic training programs, including a program for students who desire to become certified as Shamanic Coaches and Practitioners of Shamanic Medicine. Additionally, ISM hosts an annual retreat for anyone wishing to let go of their ordinary reality and spend a week doing ceremony in nature. Shamanic ceremonial work provides entry into a profound pathway process for those called to shamanism as a spiritual path.

Whether through journeying for a totem animal, making an ally of death and change, or healing, reframing, and reclaiming your personal history, shamanism is hands-on, experiential, and life changing. The ancient rituals and techniques of shamanism are fully translatable and much needed in contemporary life.

ISM’s resources include the book, Shamanic Ceremonies for a Changing World, co-authored by the Institute’s co-founders. Wherever you live on Grandmother Earth, this book can help you heal and awaken your dreams.

The ISM Vision

Our Vision is to provide shamanic knowledge worldwide as an essential blueprint for human beings to regain harmonic balance and deep awareness of the highest part of their true nature and their interconnection with all life on this sacred planet.