Women’s Power Women’s Wombs

Women’s Power Women’s Wombs

The inexplicable power journey of the feminine

This online program is for women who are looking for the keys to the sacred feminine and to the proper use of your own inner power and life force. It is for healing, balance and beauty, and for impacting self, others, your lineage, and life.

  • Access your womb power
  • Increase internal/external confidence
  • Gain powerful reflections from women
  • Know how to birth and fire your dreams
  • Find your inner womb strengths
  • Discover feminine dreaming power
  • Learn the sacred knowledge of the feminine
  • Develop your inner & outer authority

Come join this sacred circle of women. We will meet online together twice a month for 6 months. There will also be the opportunity to meet with one of the facilitators two times during the program for guidance in your womb power and womb development.

For more information or to register please contact us at info@shamanicmedicine.ca

The Institute of Shamanic Medicine
www.shamanicmedicine.ca info@shamanicmedicine.ca

Awaken your Medicine Power Within!

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