Marilyn Keffer

The magic and depth of earth-based knowledge and spirituality have been a central focus in Marilyn’s life since 1989 when she was first began studying shamanism. She found that delving deeply into shamanism for her own personal and spiritual growth translated into profound personal healing, growth, balance and inspiration. As a teacher and a healer, she continues to give back by sharing the gifts of shamanic medicine, committed to the principle that knowledge that supports transformation, wellness and joy should always be available to the people. 

Marilyn holds an Honours BA degree in psychology and has studied and trained extensively in shamanism with teachers of the sacred spiritual pathways of the Mayan, Toltec, Yaqui and Q’ero peoples of North, Central and South America. Marilyn’s shamanic knowledge also derives from her studies with native spirituality author and teacher Hyemeyohsts Storm, who passed down the teachings and medicine wheels of the Flower Soldiers and Zero Chiefs from Xochitécatl.

After many years of facilitating shamanic workshops and guiding people in ceremony, Marilyn became the co-founder of the Institute of Shamanic Medicine. She is also the co-author of “Shamanic Ceremonies for a Changing World.” Additionally, she is a Shamanic Coach and a Shamanic Practitioner. She teaches ISM programs in Vancouver and on Salt Spring Island, facilitates online programs and offers programs designed for individualized studies. Marilyn has a passion for the direct and effective techniques of shamanism because shamanism goes straight to the heart of the matter.

Marilyn is also a certified Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) Practitioner. In her work with horses, she honours the horses’ sensitivity and intuitive nature, recognizing that these innate qualities make them great facilitators for human healing and self-growth. As Marilyn notes, “Partnering with them in shamanic healing work is natural, dynamic and effective!”

If you are ready to heal your past, balance your emotions and gain command of your mind, email Marilyn at to arrange for an online or in-person appointment. Marilyn offers Book of Life Readings, individual coaching sessions, year-long personal apprenticeships, ceremonial work and horse medicine work for individuals and groups.