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2020 Mayan Oracle Reading from the point of view of the world-wide virus

Past – What is left over from last year – High Priestess Card (2 card)

Regardless of what is happening, take care for what matters. Practice self-care, family-care, community-care, and being self-responsible for your actions. This is now a focus through March: having care helps the energy of last year to be complete. We can see this happening in the world.

Attention/Focus for the year – Tower of Transformation and Rebirth Card (16 card)

Transformation is happening and we need to let it happen. We need to stay calm and be the voice of calm, the dreaming of calm, and the prayers of calm. World-wide change is occurring. If we focus on allowing transformation, the change will become a global change for the better. Leaders are showing more care world-wide than ever before (more cooperation, etc).

Intention – What is our intention in relation to the virus – Woman of Power Card (3 card)

We need to keep our center, keep our intention for self-care and other-care, stay calm in our intention, ask for help when we need it, help others if possible, and keep on keeping on. We need to show inner-strength, heart-strength, womb-strength, and spirit-womb strength, have space for others, and see humanity moving through this in a good way. NO panic. Stay Attentive and aware.

Actualization – What is needed to be actualized – Benevolent Leader Card (4 card)

We need to have self-leadership and be a guiding light with others. Notice that the benevolent leader is grounded on Mother Earth and is standing in his inner authority. He is ready with compassion and strength. Help others to be stable, communicate with others, care for others, and stay healthy yourself. Stay present and grounded and stay the course, knowing it may be a long ride until we all get well throughout the world.

Present – How to stay in the here and now and reduce stress – Hanged Heyoekah/Grandmother Heyoekah Card (12-card)

Reduce internal stress and especially reduce inner panic and worry and negative self-talk. Be the voice of calm and the actions of calm. Keep your life simple and prioritize what is necessary to care for your tonal. Let go of the stressors that you cannot control. Keep your energy, emotions and mind light and steady. Seek truth not rumours (those rumours abound). If news is highly stressful then limit your consumption of it.

Challenge – Where our challenges will come from and how they will lead to growth and movement – The Victorious Warrior (7 card) (also The Sacred Dream in the 20-count)

The victorious warrior speaks of keeping your egoic mind under control and not letting your thoughts runaway. The victorious warrior is in a state of choiceless awareness – in other words, the virus is spreading so what we do within ourselves and in our actions matters: Staying at home, caring for family and friends, keeping contact with people you care about in your life. We are being challenged here to move to a warriorship place within us by holding steady and caring. Seven is also the sacred dream of life so our life work can and most likely will be impacted but still we can’t step into a state of panic. It is amazing to see the social-support programs that are becoming available for those who need it. We need to not add stress and worry into this reality. Warriors stay calm under pressure. Know that life will change, that it is changing already, and pray that as it returns to a new pattern it will become more benevolent, more caring and more humane.

Healing – What needs to heal as we journey through this virus – The Lovers Card (6 card)

The lovers card shows us that internally we must balance our active energy (the need to do and fix) and receptive energy (the need for internal awareness and feeling) in everything we do. Our self-care (and actively caring for others when possible) can lead to more positive self-concepts, self-love and self-compassion. Six is also spirit-spirits and ancestors so keeping ourselves well and our energy replenished, and continuing our healing journey continues to help our ancestors to heal. Send prayers to those who are vulnerable and need them.

Vision – What is the 2020 vision –The Feathered Winged Serpent/Great Spirit/God (or whatever you pray to) (20-Card)

We have the blessings and guidance of Spirit and the reminder that we are not alone. We know that Spirit is aware of what we are going through. We have the opportunity to deepen our relationship to Spirit, to each other, and to ourselves. Continue seeing the world healing and seeing the virus run its course and hold this with patience. Slowing down our energy on the inside is crucial. Know that Spirit is present. Spend time feeling the dreamstreams of Great Spirit in all its benevolence, light, and healing.

Tonal World – How to take care of the physical details of our world –The Dharma Rainbow Warrior Card (14 card) 

This card tells us to not panic about our every day needs. Yes, many people are not working and have lost their jobs and many self-employed people are no longer working. However, The Dharma Rainbow Warrior does not panic. Stay calm and begin to prioritize your life. Prioritize your tonal affairs. Prioritize your bills. See what assistance you can get. It is being offered.

Spiritual Journey – What we need to do spiritually in our journey this year – The Wise Sage Card (9 card). 

This card is asking you to be in a state of wisdom, knowing that we are all on a new journey that we have not been on before in this lifetime. Share, care, and help each other and be one of the ones that has faith in Spirit and tolerance and compassion for others. Especially have care for those who do not have the spiritual awareness and maturity that you have. Do not give up hope! Keep up spiritual priorities and rituals that keep you calm so you can be a calming resource for others.

Physical Prowess and Physical Health – How we maintain our health this year with this virus – The Dreamweaver Card (17 card). 

This card is about staying as physically “strong” as possible. It is also about being wise in your choices and in where you go (and don’t go). Be careful about futurizing – it will keep you stressed. This is about having a multi-pronged approach to your health: sleeping, dreaming, eating well, maintaining body health, getting outside even if it’s in your back yard, taking supplements, and doing whatever you do as a multidisciplinary approach to your health and wellness.

Emotional Flow/Emotional Heart Space – What does your heart space need during this crisis -The Wheel of Timing Card (and Measure of Self-worth) (10 card).

This card is about keeping yourself positive and realistic and being kind to yourself and treating yourself with self-compassion. The Wheel of Timing says, don’t panic, find moments of connection with others by phone and internet, etc. Don’t isolate! Connect, connect, connect! Do an art project, do a project on your house or apartment. Maybe you have been putting something off and now you might have time to do it. As Hyemeyohsts Storm has said, get busy and stay busy and do something that has beauty in it!

Mental Clarity/Mindset – What state of mind will help you to negotiate this difficult moment in humanity – The Magical Character Card (or our Dreamer/Spirit Self) (18 card)

This card speaks of having regular talks with your dreamer-self in order to have a steady state of mind. Do not let the egoic mind take off with inner dialogue that creates inner pressure to react. Instead, take good grounded actions. Your dreamer is not afraid and your dreamer knows how magical you are and how you can handle much more than your mind can imagine.

Death/Changes in karmic patterns – These are the pattern changes that lead to better balance and more positive dharmic life pattern – The Sun Card (19 card)

The Sun card is about letting your shining and greatness show to yourself and to others, knowing we will weather this storm and it is better if we do it together. Let go of the karmic patterns of worry, fear, panic, lethargy, impulsivity, collapse, despair, etc., and allow other more neutral energies and positive energies to be felt and expressed. Transcend and take the high road. Be the sun on a cloudy day. Keep your emotional waters running clean.

Excellence – What you will bring into a high level of Excellence in your self-growth, development, and movement – The Womb of Power Card (21 card)

This card speaks of being grounded and tapping into your intuition and introspection and knowing that you have resources beyond what you know. Your womb or spirit-womb has the awareness and knowledge of all your lifetimes within it and is just waiting to be tapped. When we are overstressed, often we believe we only have one solution and usually that is the most obvious one. Going into the womb or spirit-womb can identify many more possibilities that are available. You just have to quiet your body and tap into this part of you. Make it a regular practice during these trying times.

Learning – What we will learn about ourselves individually and collectively in the maturation of our character – The Ceremonial Alchemist Card (11 card)

This card is the most powerful card in the deck. The learning is to use ceremony, ritual and intention for ourselves and others in order to stay as well as possible emotionally, mentally, spiritually, energetically, and physically. The ceremonial alchemist strikes the scales of balance, justice and healing. Can we use this time to gain and hold our inner balance and be a lightning rod of sanity for others?

Dreaming – the message from your dreamer – The Sorcerer, Magician, Apprentice Card (1 card)

This card might be affectionately known as the “I can” card. Your dreamer is telling you that you have everything it takes to walk through this trying moment in the global village of humans. Remember your dreamer doesn’t ever separate from you so this part of you knows that if you care for self, others, and the priorities in your life, you will navigate through this difficult moment. Keep your fears at bay and don’t make small things into big ones. Help others keep calm during this time. Be a source of light and strength through your dreamer’s presence. Even in social distancing you can become closer to each other in other ways.

Stalking – these are the kinds of actions to take (guided by your dreamer) – The Bonded Mythology Card (15 card)

The bonded mythology card invites all of us to see if there are places where we are tying ourselves up in knots, in stress, and in overwhelm. Have care with the actions you take. If the actions you are taking are not helping, then slow down take a breath, and go inward. If you feel sluggish and stuck, then take some actions that help your life and others. Learn what you can about yourself and any myths you may have about what is happening. Fifteen is also the collective consciousness of humanity in the 20-count, so know that many people are experiencing different levels of worry and reactivity and that your dreams may be affected. During this time, it’s helpful to set regular dream intents so your dreamstreams run clear and are rejuvenating. Many of you may be dreaming about the virus’s impact and you don’t want it to impact you negatively. Set Dream Intents!

Image Impact/Role Model Energy in Relationship to others – how to be good imagemakers for others during these challenging times – The Death Dancer Card (13 card)

This card speaks of the way we can hold the deaths/changes of our patterns and our life-changes as imagemakers for others. The Death Dancer is NOT in a state of gloom and doom. Rather there is a happiness in the very acts of making changes that fosters a healthier life for yourself and others. Can you find joy in change and can you reach out to others who may need lightening up and assist and guide them through changes? We are role models for others.

Shining – this space speaks about what is in our shadow-self that needs to be revealed in order to move it into the light – The Knowledgeable Fool Card (0 card)

This card is about perseverance in the face of a lot of unknowns. How long will this virus last, who will be impacted, what will happen to my job, finances, friends, family, etc.? The knowledgeable fool is willing to walk the journey with courage and inner strength, not knowing how long it will take. Inner strength is so important here – looking within instead of being thrown emotionally by the outside world but also not ignoring the outside world. The knowledgeable fool is facing the light and walking his/her journey knowing we will meet challenges. The knowledgeable fool does the very best to not be overwhelmed or fearful in the face of the challenges. Inner resolve, inner strength, and perseverance are needed on this vision quest. We can and will become more resourceful.

Elder Wisdom – What is the message from the wise elder energy within us? The San Pedro Cactus Card (8 card)

San Pedro Cactus is a teacher plant that when used in ceremony takes us to the “inner river of knowing”. It is telling us we have the answers within us if we can quiet our body, mind, and emotions. It is a healthy cactus. And we need for that cactus to be grounded in Mother Earth. We need to ground ourselves. The plant pot itself is black and white, either or, with no shades of gray. The answers almost always reside within the gray zones of life not in the extremes. We need to take care that we don’t take extreme actions at this challenging time. We need to look within when we feel we have no choices or only one choice. Be willing to ask others when needed, for other possibilities and then take those possibilities within and see what is now possible.

Outcome – What is the possible outcome of walking this journey as humans together? – The Pregnant Shaman/Jaguar Priest Card (5 card)

The outcome of this journey is that we can emerge with our dreams and hopes intact- depicted by the pregnant belly of the Jaguar Priest and that we need to protect our dreams and not let them go. Five in the 20-count is the human world itself, with the gift of heart to heart communication both with ourselves and with others. The key is to not emotionally contaminate ourselves and others and to not catastrophize about the outcome of this journey. Be grounded, steady, and a loving resource for others and we will see the other side together.

Journey well everyone,

Marilyn and Gael

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