The Four Gateways Program

The Four Gateways Program

“Discover Your Sacred Medicine Within”

The Four Gateways program is a six-month journey of finding your sacred medicine – the medicine or gifts within you that assist you in your personal life walk and are also a giveaway and gift to life and others.

There are four major gateways (or pathways) in shamanism that illuminate one’s life-walk whether or not shamanism is your path in this lifetime. These are the energetic pathways of your sacred dream and what your spirit self (or dreamer) and Spirit are guiding you to do. Earth based cultures speak of it as your “vision”. Sometimes your vision is shown to you early in life and sometimes you miss the vision signposts or you see it but have no idea of what to do with it.

Some questions you may ask are, “what is my medicine walk?” “What journey is my spirit self asking me to walk?” “How is it different than what I am doing today?” “How can I wake up that place of sacred guidance within me and keep the communication pathways between myself and Spirit open?” “What can my own personal medicine wheel tell me about how to walk out my vision?”

The Four Gateways Program will help you to find the answer to all of these questions. It is comprised of 7 online group classes and 3 individual consultations with the Directors of the Institute of Shamanic Medicine who have been studying and teaching the Ways of Medicine Wheels and Shamanic Pathways for over 30 years. During this 6-month program you will have specific assignments and ceremonies to assist you in finding your gateway and walking through that gateway with the life tools needed to walk your path and actualize your dreams.

You begin to truly know the depth of your sacred dream when you are unsur the dream or the dream is dreaming you!

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