Sonya Weir

Sonya’s shamanic journey began in 1995 when she was introduced to smudge for the first time. Soon after, she also participated in her first shamanic workshop, synchronistically led by Gael Carter, who would later co-found the Institute of Shamanic Medicine. During that workshop, Sonya’s passion for shamanism was sparked and 25 years later her spiritual path continues to evolve.

Since 1995, Sonya has studied with a number of shamanic teachers and she is grateful for the wisdom and knowledge they each imparted in their own unique way. As Sonya notes, “I have had many transformative experiences that I will never be able to explain through logic. Those experiences called for a leap of faith and an opening to a world infinitely more magical than our status quo ‘reality.’ As a life-long student of shamanism, my perceptions of reality have been transformed over and over again.”

Her education includes undergraduate studies in psychology at the University of Toronto and completion of the Foundational Counselling Skills Program at Vancouver Community College. From 1997 to 2019, she worked as a writer and editor for a variety of magazines in Vancouver. In 2005, she began training with the Institute of Shamanic Medicine and completed the requisite levels of shamanic training to become a certified practising Shamanic Coach and Practitioner. Through Eagle Fire Shamanic Coaching, Sonya offers individual sessions, facilitates shamanic workshops and guides individuals in healing sessions with horses.

Since 2008, Sonya Weir has fulfilled the role of registrar for the Institute of Shamanic Medicine. In that capacity, she responds to all queries regarding the Institute’s onsite and online programs and services, guides students through the registration process and ensures they receive their relevant course material. She also teaches at the Annual Ceremonial Week-long retreat on Salt Spring Island.

Sonya is also a certified FEEL practitioner (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning). As a FEEL facilitator, she blends her knowledge of shamanic healing with the innate, intuitive wisdom of the horses she works with to help people transcend their blocks and manifest their hearts’ desires.