The Inner Sexual Pathways

Our Sacred Sexuality is a precious and important gift. Strong, vibrant sexual energy promotes Healing, Balance, and also Intimacy and Ecstasy. It also allows us to generate vigorous Life Force Energy in our physical body.

Do you desire to:

Heal old imbalances and pains from the past?

Use your mind to stimulate your sexual desire instead of keeping you reserved or separate?

Re-kindle the fire and passion of sexual exploration?

Open the doorways to connect fully and soar with the spirit of your sexual partner?

If so, this is the workshop for you. It addresses the sexual pathways all around the medicine wheel:

The Healing Pathway – Increase your vibration and heal

The Intimacy Pathway – Open the doorway of your heart to your true self-expression

The Mind-Body Pathway – Use your mind power to enhance your sexual expression

The Ecstasy Pathway – Learn what you can do with your life force and pleasure

The Exploration Pathway –Journey within and discover new ways for your sexual energy to move within and within another

There are many activities and experiential exercises as well as teachings during the weekend and on Saturday evening there is a ceremony.

Registration for the weekend is $325.00

Email for more information.

Inner Sexual Pathways

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