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ISM Spring Newsletter 2018

Happy Spring to you all!

This spring we bring you the Wheel of Walking with Abundance! It is about learning to fill yourself with the beauty and power that surrounds you. It is knowledge to put into your life and with which to feel the abundance you already have and create even more:
in your spirit, your body, your heart, your mind, and your life force!

Abundance is not about hard work – it is the opposite of struggling and suffering!

E Gratitude – We feel gratitude in our heart and in our body. It changes our chemicals! It is an expansive, uplifting, inspirational feeling – like the heart-sound ahhhhhhh… Gratitude opens the doorway to abundance. Watch out for the “shoulds” – trying to feel gratitude as something forced or fake will only make you unhappy. It doesn’t work to try to deceive yourself.

W Momentum Stalking – Use your stalking like a slingshot! It is far easier to stay in motion than to stop and start and stop and start. Momentum stalking is the efficient way to use your energy. Keep things moving and you will gain energy. It’s like the eyes and ears of abundance – it keeps you aware of the moments when magic and opportunity show up. If you get a little grouchy about creating momentum, do the things you love to do earlier in the day and let the momentum of that give you more energy. Because we’re in the physical world we have to keep actively moving the dream down into the physical.

S Deepening Passion – We can actually create the highs and lows in our journey according to how much we allow ourselves to take in the abundance. To deepen your experience of abundance, stay with what feeds you – stay with it even beyond your comfort zone! Be present with the feeling of being fed and learn to allow yourself to open to it more. This is like opening to joy in the abundance of Grandmother Earth.

N Anticipatory Timing – Abundance is already present within life and spirit. As soon as you put out the intention to experience it, it’s already working its way towards you. Be prepared to take it in and enjoy it. Get a little excited. Look for the signposts and messengers. And grab on when it shows up! If you tend to have a disappointment quotient, start creating a more positive frame of reference.

Abundance has its own timing. If it’s not showing up for you in your physical reality there has to be a reason. It may be that you are in your own way or it may be that the timing in the universe is not here yet. If that’s the case, keep doing other parts of your dream so you’re working in spirit’s timing. Trust in spirit. If it still hasn’t shown up, change things up.

SE Seeking Opportunities and Accepting Gifts – Seeking opportunities for abundance is a stalking enterprise. Begin with the intent, take step by step actions that will bring more abundance into your life. Then pay attention and accept the gifts that come! Accepting the gifts is dreaming. Too often we don’t pay attention to the abundance that comes our way: support from a friend, a break in the weather, an invitation to dinner, or even the right information showing up right before you have to make a decision. Notice when it happens and take in the feeling. Even when things happen that are not so great, there is often a gift within it.

SW Dream Stalking – Trust your dreamer (your spirit)! Know that your dreamer always has the bigger picture and is always in a state of abundance. And give energy and attention to your dreaming. Formulate intents and look for the meaning within the symbols and images your dreamer gives you. Whatever you stalk in the dreamtime you can trust that your dreamer will bring it to you through messages and symbols that point you in the right direction. Your dreamer can always see the abundance of the dreamtime!

NW Recapturing Abundant Moments -This is a key direction of the wheel. Every abundant moment still exists! The key is to recapture, re-engage and re-experience that abundance. Reclaim the energy of these abundant moments and keep nourishing yourself with it.

When you’re in an abundant moment, feel it, engage it, and expand it into others that you’ve had that were like it. For example, if you feel abundance while swimming, call to mind other similar moments and expand the abundance by feeling those as well.

NE Engage and Act in the Now – Be in abundance in this present moment, engage it, act it out now. Even if you didn’t feel it 5 minutes ago, you can now. Feel it, engage it, embrace it, and bring more in. Make abundance a smooth increasing flow in your life.

If you are not feeling abundance, notice which aspect is blocking the feeling. Are you separating, disengaging? (East – your spirit) Are you feeling unwell, sluggish? (West – your body); Are you feeling sad, hurt, angry? (South – your emotions); Are you having negative thoughts? (North – your mind); Are you feeling fatigued, stressed? (Centre – your life force). Do something to change that energy so you can be in the abundance of now!

C – Sustained Movement and Energy Conservation – Abundance is a state of expansion so you have to have the energy for it. Be steady and sustained with your energy so you can keep the expansive energy of abundance going for the long haul! Get good at it.

Develop a deep feeling for what abundance is!


The Medicine Wheel: A Sacred Container for your Life. This beautiful E-book is now being offered to you on the website at as a free gift! It gives information on the workings of the Sacred Medicine Wheel and contains an exercise for re-balancing your emotions, your body, your mind, and your spirit. Download it at


The BodyPower Program is a form of intensive breath work that allows for progressive relaxation of your habitual physical holding patterns that block your ability to be physically fluid, responsive and energetic. This also allows you more flexibility in how you live, take on challenges and meet new exciting opportunities. BodyPower uses breathing techniques, nervous system stimulation and vibration to open new pathways of energy and power and offers more pleasure and freedom in your physical body know as “the return of body joy”. This kind of de-armouring process restores the body back to its original form before the habitual body patterns and body defences took hold. There are a total of 16 sessions done in a 1 to 1 format. Total cost is $1760.00 including tax. Sessions may be booked one at a time or in blocks.
Email for more info.


Gael Crystal Light Warrior is the co-founder of the Institute of Shamanic Medicine. Throughout her 25 years experience as a shamanic teacher and worldwide speaker, she has developed and facilitated numerous shamanic programs. In addition to currently teaching the Shamanic Coaching and Training Program, she also offers shamanic coaching sessions for individuals and couples. If you need a different perspective on your life and where your journey is guiding you email for more information. These sessions can be done online or in person at the locations she travels to.


Book of Life Readings are done using the Mayan Tarot deck. These oracles provide an optimum medium for you to get a really comprehensive look at the coming year, what needs a little extra focus and attention, where you are headed, and how you can best get there. Book of Life Readings can be done in person whenever we are in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, and also at the retreat centre on Salt Spring Island or via SKYPE.


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